Boundless. Immersive. A promotional brochure showcasing Spicers Fedrigoni specialty paper range. Designed to engage with local audiences, the Australiana theme is amplified with the innovative work of Australian photographer Greg Elms, who created stunning images of foraged items from the native landscape.
The publication is structured on a loose narrative of day and night – the bright, daytime component is set on land, speaking to the boundless potential of Fedrigoni paper in print. While the transition to night plunges us into the sea, a representation of Fedrigoni's immersive experience.
Special finishes and various printing techniques tested the performance of the paper – including foils, PMS Metallics, PMS colours, a 3D sculpture emboss, offset opaque white, digital opaque white, and forme cuts.
Role: Designer, Art Director
Creative Director: Emilio Roccioletti
Client: Spicers
Studio: ERD 
Photographer: Greg Elms
Words: Peter Ivan
Printer: Gunn & Taylor
Digital print: Press Print
Video: Sweeney Crabb
Voyage typeface: VJ Type
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